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Preschool age 18 months-5 years

Child must be potty trained or in process of potty training. Potty training will take place during participation at Charlotte’s Place.  At-home potty training support is required.



Charlotte’s Place utilizes a dual-language curriculum focusing on overall growth and development in all areas. The Creative Curriculum includes vocabulary, music, and functional language.  Parents will be encouraged to provide feedback as the program progresses.


Charlotte’s Place observes an open-door policy.  This means parents are welcome to visit the preschool at any time.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom for a variety of activities.  Please let your child’s teacher know of classroom activities you are interested in.  Parents are encouraged to keep the child’s schedule in mind when choosing visiting times.


Parent involvement is always welcome and encouraged especially during extra-curricular activities and special holidays.  Please inform your child’s teacher of any cultural activities you would like to share with your child’s class.




Charlotte’s Place provides 2 nutritious snacks per day.  All snacks will meet the federal requirements for USDA and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) health recommendations.  Please inform Charlotte’s Place of any special dietary requirements for your child upon enrollment.  Please review the snack menu and inform your child’s teacher of any special instructions or replacement for any snacks that will be necessary.


Parents are asked to provide a sack lunch for their children daily.  Charlotte’s Place will have a menu of available lunch items which may be purchased for $3.00 should your child forget their lunch.


Daily schedule:


Daily schedules are posted in your child’s classroom.  Children will be offered the following daily:  free play, academic structure, art, music, snack/lunch, outdoor play, rest.  Please inform your child’s teacher of any special accommodations needed for your child’s schedule.


Special Activities:


Children will participate in large muscle movement which fosters brain and physical development encouraging positive self-image and confidence in abilities.  Charlotte’s Place will transport children weekly to Zero Gravity for special activities developed with goals focusing on progress with each class.  Dance classes may be provided as well.

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